Footsteps of Thanks

Today is my Friday! I am taking tomorrow off, and after the week that I have had, I am definitely looking forward to 3 days off.

This week has been rough, to say the least. What started out as a minor upset has ballooned into a major issue at work. On Tuesday, I was short and abrupt with Sylvia (my co-worker) on the phone. After hanging up and thinking about it, I realized that I was rude. I called her back to apologize, and I thought that all was well. I was wrong, very wrong. It has since escalated into workplace verbal abuse and harassment.

At first I was extremely upset. I do not tolerate people that I consider mean spirited and cruel, I don’t understand what kind of satisfaction they get in degrading other people and generally being mean. So, I was hurt that she would behave in such a manner considering all the support that I have given her over the past year with her daily dose of “death, drama and destruction.” I finally heeded the advice of Mike and another co-worker, that I should not let her bother me, that I should consider “the source.” So, I am. What also made me realize that the problems I am having with her are nothing compared to what other people go through on a daily basis, are the difficulties that a friend living out of state is currently dealing with.

My friend Dawn, met the man of her dreams and married him last year. She is so deeply in love with Tom, and it shows in everything that she does and says. After years of being unhappy, God brought Tom in her life and I could not have been more happy for them both.

Unfortunately, Tom was diagnosed with cancer recently and the prognosis is not looking good. It truly breaks my heart. During the early stage of his diagnosis, I would try to offer support on a daily basis, often sending messages of positive thinking and that I was keeping them in my prayers.

It makes think about the “meaning” of prayer. Exactly what do we do when we pray and whom do we pray to? Most people pray to God, whomever they conceive him to be, some pray to Jesus and others to the Virgin Mother. I am not educated in Theology to know who other religions pray to, so I won’t even attempt that guess.

Where am I going with this? I think that it really does not matter “whom” we pray to, but more so that we keep the people that we love and care about close to our thoughts and hearts. That is what I believe prayer is truly about.

I have a firm belief in that we should acknowledge, validate and appreciate those in our lives that we love and care about on a daily basis.

I am blessed that I have a family that loves and supports me, and friends that care. Mike is wonderful, so loving and supportive, that I could not ask for more in a companion and life partner. My children are a true blessing, both Joshua and Stephanie are hard workers, with morals and values that they live by each and every day. Mike’s children are also another blessing to me. My relationship with them gets better and better as time goes by, and I value and treasure that very much.

I read in a book awhile back, that when we wake up in the morning, as we put our feet on the floor to get out of bed, that we should say “thank you” to God with each step, for the blessings in our lives. Starting tomorrow morning, my steps will be with much thanks for what I have and not what I am going through.

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